Summertime Fun for Everyone

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and that can only mean one thing…summer is officially here! With the kids out of school and relaxing days ahead, there are many things that you can do to make this summer one to remember. Providing entertainment can be costly during the summertime, but there are a few activities to make your summer a memorable one…without breaking the bank!


Picnic in the Park

A great activity that can be both cheap and memorable is a picnic. Family outing? Make a range of sandwiches, cut up some fresh fruit, and throw in a few crisps. Date night? Wine and a cheese and fruit board are a great way to plan a romantic evening. There are plenty of fashionable picnic baskets that can help make your planning as easy as pie. You only need a few things to put it all together:

  • A large blanket
  • A chopping board and knife
  • A Bottle opener
  • An umbrella
  • Of course, a picnic basket, loaded to the brim with goodies!

One of the biggest advantages of a picnic is that you can set it up anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to just a park—get out and explore your possibilities!

Beach Holiday

Pack up a few towels, load up on sunscreen, and hit the sandy shores! Many beaches are free to visit and offer cheap and endless entertainment for the whole family. You can get cozy with a good book, bring a Frisbee or volleyball to toss around, or even rent some cheap surfboards and hit the waves. The best part of a beach day is that there are activities for everyone, and no one needs to break their wallet while providing fun for the whole family.

Fun and Stress-Free

During the summer, the heat can make even the most active person feel a bit drained. There are plenty of great summer excursions you can take that require very little effort to put together. Camping is a wonderful family venture. Simply pack up your tent, make sure you have plenty of firewood and don’t forget ingredients for S’mores! The mountains provide beautiful views with often cooler weather. If you enjoy the mountains but not camping, a cabin can provide good shelter while keeping a rustic charm. The mountains can also provide plenty of nature activities—hiking, biking, rafting, or even animal watching. Whatever you choose, make the most of what can be a very memorable summer.

Molly Oliver