Casio Watches, The Initiator Of Trends In Watchmaking

The multinational company is of Japanese origin and manufactures electronic products like analog and digital watches, musical instruments, mobile phones, calculators, etc.

The Beginning

The company took shape in 1946 in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. Tadao Kashi is the engineer who found the company and made it to what it is today. Thirty years after being born, casio watches started a revolution in watchmaking in the world with their timepiece. The first product which brought in success and profit is the yubiwa pipe. The profit from it aided the company to develop a calculator that became the signature of Casio. The cigarette holder let people smoke it till the very end without holding it in between the fingers.


 Kashio and his brothers started making calculators in their company after visiting a show, which showcased electric calculators in the mid-20th century. Later they expanded their business to create cameras, parts, and components of audio and other instruments. In 1974 Casio came into the market with their first watch named casiotron. They are known for their endurance and durability.

Sum up

Their innovation and success in the industry with new technological developments made them move forward and climb higher.

Molly Oliver