5 Great Jewellery Ideas for 2021

We are all looking forward to the end of 2020, and hopefully, the New Year will also say goodbye to the Coronavirus, which has rocked the global economy. If you are looking to change your look next spring and summer, here are a few jewellery ideas to contemplate.

  1. Chunky Bracelets – The chunky look is currently chic, and just how chunky you go is down to you. Search online for a jewellery store, where you can browse some fine examples of chunky bracelets and necklaces, which are also in trend, especially when paired with a large pendant.
  2. Nose Piercings – Check out the amazing nose and septum rings that can be found with the online supplier, and the best deals are to be found online. Studs are cool and come in many styles, and coupled with hoop earrings, you can add a touch of mystery to your persona. The number of people wearing nose jewellery has dramatically increased, which shows that piercing is gaining traction, and there are some great pieces online.
  3. Large Pendants – Paired with a chunky necklace, a large pendant makes for a great statement piece, and with Art Deco, there are many options, with rich colour from semi-precious stones. Great for parties and evenings on the terrace, and whatever your preference with metal, they are all represented, with precious and semi-precious stones to add some colour.
  4. Hoop Earrings – Large hoops are in, and how large is up to you, with sterling silver being the metal of choice. A pair of hoop earrings go well with most outfits, and paired with a nose stud, you have a winning combination, and with the online jeweller, you have so much choice.
  5. Pearls – A stunning pearl necklace works well with any spring or summer outfit, and you could wear a cool double row of pearls in a bracelet, which is an elegant accessory. Pearl jewellery has always been popular, yet in the past few years, these amazing natural objects are seen in all the chic places.

The above are just a few accessory ideas to inspire a new you in 2021, and with Google images, you can view as many fashion photos as you like, and when you see a jewellery item or accessory, you can source a supplier and with a secure online payment, the jewellery will be packaged and despatched to your home address.

Molly Oliver